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AMA Mexico (Association for Environmental Unity in Mexico) is a Mexican non-profit organization devoted to the protection of the natural resources and ecology of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Our current focus is on the conservation of the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and its nesting habitat on the north shore of Bahia de Banderas (the Bay of Banderas), in the State of Nayarit, just 15 kilometers (10 miles) north of Puerto Vallarta.

By March the “low season” has begun for Olive Ridley Sea Turtle nesting in Nayarit, Mexico. Hatchling liberations on the beach of Nuevo Vallarta will be sporadic until the “high season” begins again this summer. Though nesting occurs throughout the year, there is a significant reduction in the number of hatchlings until mid-August when they are born in large numbers.

FOR INFORMATION ON SEA TURTLE LIBERATIONS at the Nuevo Vallarta Sea Turtle Preserve:
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Since 2002, we have been active in the protection and conservation of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in this part of Mexico.

  • AMA Mexico works in collaboration with CONANP (Mexico’s Federal National Commission for the Protection of Natural Areas) as well as other Mexican organizations, universities, and local schools.
  • AMA Mexico is dedicated to developing public awareness of the value of Sea Turtles and their  habitats as well as general stewardship over the seashore and waters of the Bay of Banderas. We have active environmental education programs with a special focus on the education of school age children since they are the next generation of stewards for the wildlife of the Pacific Coast of Mexico.
  • AMA Mexico supports student interns and volunteers who work to protect Mexico’s natural resources.  They help us to communicate the human value of protecting the native flora and fauna of the oceans.
  • AMA Mexico is involved in research aimed at determining the best conditions for Sea Turtle nesting and hatchling survival on the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico.

Our Motto “Saving the sea turtles of the Bay of Banderas one nest at a time, one liberation at a time, and one hatchling at a time.”


We are the Future!

AMA Mexico is dedicated to the education of future generations of turtle conservationists.  Hundreds of children from Mexico and abroad participate in activities each year that encourage them to become stewards of the oceans.  By working with Mexico’s Ministry of Education in Nayarit’s local schools and by offering hands-on experience during hatchling releases, we hope to instill in these eager visitors to the Nuevo Vallarta Sea Turtle Preserve a love of the sea and all its precious creatures.


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